Albert Sul Massage
Albert Sul Massage at Body Therapy Center


"I suffer with chronic headaches and lower back pain. I have recently starting visiting Albert from a friend's recommendation. I am so glad I did. Albert has truly been able to relieve my headache pain and the back pain. I am so thankful!!" - Teresa

"Albert has a gift for healing with massage. My back will cycle through times of sharp pain that restricts my ability to take care of my family. Albert always makes time in his schedule at a moments notice when I am in need of relief. During the session he asks to make sure he is addressing the exact cause of my pain. I am so thankful for his professionalism and concern to make sure that I get relief from my pain." - Heidi

"I am currently pregnant with my third son and Albert has worked on me throughout all three pregnancies.  He is able to alleviate all the aches and pains throughout my back and hips that comes with carry a little one.  He also works on me when I am not pregnant.  I would recommend him to anyone!" - Anonymous

"I have patellofemoral chondromalacia. After many xrays and pain medications, I was able to find the relief I needed through Albert. Not only does he provide the specific therapeutic massage I need, but he is able to give me great insight on how the knee works and what I need to do through stretching and better posture for an overall better feeling. He has a passion for helping people feel better and such extrodinary wisdom. If you've never been to are definitely missing out!!" - Diane

"Aching muscles...due to medications or activity? Check out Body Therapy Center, Albert can relieve the aching and get you back in the game quickly." Mary

"Albert is the best! He helps my aching back muscles feel so much better! Albert has done so much more for my aching back than the chiropractor was able to do." - Earl

"Feet hurt? Did you know that Albert gives the most fantastic foot massages in the whole world? Well he does and I've felt the results on my tootsies. Check it out ~ your feet don't have to hurt!" - Debbie

"Just had a FANTASTIC pregnancy massage from Albert Sul at Body Therapy Center. I highly recommend heading over there for some therapy and relaxation. I know I will again!!" - Kristy

 "I am thrilled with how I feel today after my massage yesterday.  You are great and I will spread the word.   :). This is the best my neck has felt in years! Thanks again." - Elizabeth

Open Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm

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