Albert Sul Massage
Albert Sul Massage at Body Therapy Center

Services and Rates


At Body Therapy Center, we tailor our sessions to the needs of our clients. We offer Rehabilitative & Relaxation Massage...yet the price remains the same!

30 Minute Session $35.00
60 Minute Session $65.00
90 Minute Session $90.00

Rehabilitative Massage

The majority of our clients are in need of Rehabilitative Massage. This type of massage uses a variety of techniques to address chronic and/or acute pain issues, break down scar tissue, regain flexibility and increase range of motion. Each session is customized for the client depending on their individual needs. 

Relaxation Massage

Others prefer a relaxing, stress relieving massage. For these clients we recommend the Relaxation Massage. Relaxation massage varies in pressure to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and promote an overall feeling of relaxation.